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About Delectare Online

Delectare was founded by Jennifer & Jeremiah Tutwiler, second-generation homeschoolers and the parents of seven.

We saw that, like us, many families wanted to connect their children with other MP students, especially in the middle school years, so they could benefit from discussions about the rich material they were learning. We started Delectare to meet this need, providing a video-conference format that allows homeschooled children from across the country to meet, discuss their studies and make new friends along the way!


Allyson Smith | Moderator

Book of Ancient Romans/Aeneid

Allyson Smith is a mother of 3 who has been homeschooling for 9 years. She delights in the rigor and beauty of a classical education, reclaiming her own education every day along with her children. She finds particular joy in those moments when studies in one area enrich and inform another. Diligence reaps its own rewards and satisfaction abounds! Allyson particularly enjoys classical studies, literature and Latin. Memoria Press materials and staff have been a wonderful blessing to her family.

Amanda Lang | Moderator

Literature 5A/6M

Amanda is the mother of three energetic boys. Inspired by an amazing Latin teacher in her middle and high school years, she went on to earn a degree in Classical Languages from the University of Florida. Even before homeschooling her own children, Amanda tutored many other classical homeschoolers in everything from Latin to calculus. In her spare time, she enjoys running the gorgeous mountain trails of Alabama.

Anne Rowland | Moderator

Literature 7A/8M

Anne has been homeschooling for 14 years, with two children now in college. She loves that MP's curriculum is rigorous yet amazingly gentle—and always beautiful. Anne has a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, but her passion is theology and philosophy. Always curious, and always reading, she especially loves Lewis, Chesterton, and Tolkien.

Christy Buss | Moderator

Famous Men of Rome

Christy's oldest child attended Highlands Latin School for two years, prior to the family moving from Louisville. Not wanting to lose the rich education offered by HLS, Christy and her husband decided to homeschool using the school's Memoria Press curriculum. She credits MP for the depth of her family's focus on truth, goodness and beauty and she rejoices that her children do not simply try to achieve good grades, but actually delight in learning.

Debbie Henderson | Moderator

Literature 4A/5M

Debbie discovered Highlands Latin School while living in Louisville and was excited for her oldest child to start Kindergarten at HLS in a few years. Her hopes were disappointed when a job transfer caused the family to move away before her daughter could start school. Through a conversation with a homeschooling friend, she discovered Memoria Press and began her journey as a homeschooling mom. Debbie enjoys cooking and kettlebell training. Her full name is Aldebaran which, in most situations, requires explanation.

Jennifer Cole | Moderator

Famous Men of the Middle Ages

Jennifer Cole has been homeschooling for 16 years, holds degrees in Chemistry and Economics, and has a MA in Education. She has three children in their twenties and one middle school aged son still in her homeschool. She discovered Memoria Press in 2003 when she decided on a Latin curriculum called Latina Christiana I. It had a copy paper cover and a comb binding. She has been assured by Cheryl Lowe's son that Cheryl herself printed and bound that particular book in the room over her garage. Jennifer has since gone on to teach Latin in a small classical school and has also taught courses in the classics over the years. Education, especially self-education, is her life-long passion.

Kristin Walukas | Moderator

Literature 6A/7M

Kristin Walukas is mom to 2 high school daughters and has been homeschooling for 5 years. She has a bachelor's degree in Ceramic Engineering and a second bachelor's in Vocal Music Performance. Following MP's curriculum has made teaching classically a reality instead of a seemingly unattainable dream.

Jennifer Tutwiler | Director

Jennifer Tutwiler is the mother of seven children, ages 2 to 14, and a second-generation homeschooler. She studied the liberal arts for three years at Christendom College, with a focus on the history of philosophical thought and its impact on historical events. After experimenting with a variety of educational methods, Jennifer has returned to her liberal arts roots and has been blessed to see her children thrive in their classical homeschool. With incredible support from friends and family, Jennifer plans and manages all facets of Delectare.

Jeremiah Tutwiler | Co-Director

Jeremiah is the father of seven and a second-generation homeschooler. With nearly 20 years experience in design, marketing and technology, Jeremiah designs/maintains the Delectare website, consults on program features, and provides tech support.