Delectare Online

Coming Summer 2018!

Our primary goal when establishing Delectare was to build a community where MP students could connect with one another on both an academic and personal level. While students greatly enjoy their weekly interaction, they also need opportunities to connect outside of meetings to further their in-class friendships.

To answer this need, we are providing two new opportunities to Delectare families:


Once each semester, and twice during the summer, we will be hosting online meet ups so students can freely chat, share their latest adventures, show their new art/craft project, etc. Meetups will be chaperoned by Delectare’s director and interested students will also have the opportunity to co-host a meetup!

Organized by grade ranges, meet ups will also allow your child to meet other students their age/grade who may not be in their particular Delectare group.

High School Community

Some of our very first students are now moving into their high school years and need a way to maintain the friendships they’ve made while in Delectare. To make this possible, we will be launching a private forum for past/current Delectare students age 13+. In addition to hobbies, books, art and travels, the forum will allow our alumni to lead their own discussions on the beautiful works they are reading in high school!

The forum will will be moderated by a select team of Delectare students/alumni and oversight will be provided by Delectare’s director.