Delectare Online


  • How does Delectare work?
    After a one-time download of the included Zoom desktop and/or mobile app, your student will be able to access their group(s) through a private link provided to participating families.
  • What happens during a Delectare meeting?
    We use a variety of methods, including Socratic dialogue, art study, and memory games to engage students in discussions and foster their delight in the True, the Good and the Beautiful. While Moderators do not teach the material, they may offer additional information to students when needed to further their discussions. 
  • How do the students interact?
    The Zoom platform allows the students and moderator to both hear and see each other. A chat box is available for pre-class chatter, however, beginning Spring 2017, moderators will be disabling the chat box once the meeting starts. Students will still be able to chat directly with the moderator in order to troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise; chat transcripts are available for review by Delectare’s admin to ensure adherence to our Code of Conduct and overall child safety.
  • How much does it cost?
    Delectare operates as a cost-share with each family contributing a flat fee which allows them to register any number of children for as many groups as they need. The Program Fee is $50 per family and funds the cost of our online meeting platform.
  • Who profits from Delectare's registration fees?

    The participating families! We are run entirely by volunteers; all registration fees are a cost-share that fund the technology needed to run the program. 

  • How long are Delectare meetings?
    All groups meet for 45 minutes, with the exception of Famous Men of Rome and Famous Men of the Middle Ages which meet for 30 minutes each.
  • Does Delectare give assignments or grades?
    No. Delectare is for discussion/enrichment only and does not take the place of home-teaching or the Online Academy.
  • How will I know what my student should read before each meeting?
    Memoria Press offers our families exclusive lesson plans that integrate Delectare prep with MP’s weekly assignments. Plans will be available for purchase in August. Please note: If you already have the integrated plans for Lit 6/7 or Lit 7/8, you will not need to repurchase them as the meeting day/time for those groups has remained the same.
  • How many children can be in each group?
    Ten students can participate in each group. Siblings in the same group count as "one" student.
  • We only use one or two courses from Memoria Press. Can we still join Delectare?
    Yes! Our groups are open to any student who is learning the Memoria Press material being discussed by that group.
  • Will we need to purchase Memoria's Student Guides?

    This is completely up to you as your child's teacher, however we highly recommend using the Student Guides at least orally in your homeschool. There is so much richness in them and they truly do guide your student back through their reading so they can glean more deeply from the text!

    Another consideration is that some of the Moderators use the Enrichment/Activity topics from the Student Guides. This section usually relies only on the text, but sometimes points to resources found in the back of some of the Student Guides.  

  • Is Delectare for Christian students only?
    No. While we embrace our Christian identity, Delectare joyfully welcomes children of all faiths and denominations. "We are respectful of other faiths, while humbly maintaining the truths of our Christian faith." (from the Highlands Latin School website)
  • How do I know my child is ready for group discussions?
    We've found that, while some students are just starting to develop their ability to go deeper into their readings and other children may struggle with shyness, they can all have amazing insights! Our moderators adjust their questions/approach as needed to help guide younger and/or shy children so they feel comfortable while still developing their discussion skills.
  • Can I see a recorded meeting?
    Because our meetings include video, we do not allow them to be recorded. This is for your child/children's safety. If you would like to experience the online "classroom" yourself, please contact Jennifer Tutwiler to set up a tour.
  • Does my child need to be able to type?
    Because we use both audio and video in class, typing is not a requirement.
  • What is your refund policy?
    Because the Program Fee is charged on a per-family basis, refunds are only available to families who are withdrawing all of their children from the program. If you are withdrawing all of your children prior to August 1, 2018, the Program Fee will be refunded in full. After that date, full family withdrawals will be refunded at 50%. Withdrawals received after September 1, 2017 will not be refunded. If extenuating circumstances arise (unexpected military/career transfer, etc. please let us know so we can arrange an exception). Please note: Our families rely on each other’s participation for program funding and group availability. Please refrain from using the Refund Policy as a means to “tentatively” register your family. Thank you for your understanding.
  • What are the technical requirements for Delectare's meeting platform?
    System Requirements
    An internet connection – broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
    Speakers and a microphone – built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
    A webcam or HD webcam - built-in or USB plug-in
    Or, a HD cam or HD camcorder with video capture card

    Supported Operating Systems
    Mac OS X with MacOS 10.6.8 /(Snow Leopard) or later
    Windows 10
    Windows 8 or 8.1
    Windows 7
    Windows Vista with SP1 or later
    Windows XP with SP3 or later
    Ubuntu 12.04 or higher
    Mint 17.1 or higher
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 or higher
    Oracle Linux 6.4 or higher
    CentOS 6.4 or higher
    Fedora 21 or higher
    OpenSUSE 13.2 or higher
    ArchLinux (64-bit only)

    Supported Tablet and Mobile Devices
    Surface PRO 2 running Win 8.1
    Surface PRO 3 running Win 10
    iOS and Android devices
    Blackberry devices
    Supported Browsers
    Windows: IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari5+
    Mac: Safari5+, Firefox, Chrome

    Processor and RAM Requirements
    Minimum: Single Core 1Ghz or Higher
    Recommended Processor: Dual Core 2Ghz or Higher (i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent)
    RAM: 4Gb
    Note: Linux requires a processor or graphics card that can support OpenGL 2.0 or higher

    High DPI Support
    High DPI displays are supported in Zoom version 3.5 or higher

    Bandwidth Requirements
    The bandwidth used by Zoom will be optimized for the best experience based on the participants’ network. It will automatically adjust for 3G, WiFi or Wired environments.

    Recommended bandwidth for Meetings and Webinar Panelists:
    For group video calling: 600kbps/1.2Mbps (up/down) for HQ video. For gallery view: 1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps (up/down).
    For screen sharing with video thumbnail: 50-150kbps
    For audio VoiP: 60-80kbps