2018-2019 Family Registration

Refund policy: Because the Program Fee is charged on a per-family basis, refunds are only available if you are withdrawing all of your children from the program. Prior to August 1, 2018, the Program Fee will be refunded in full. After that date, full family withdrawals will be refunded at 50%. Withdrawals received after September 1, 2018 will not be refunded. If extenuating circumstances arise (unexpected military/career transfer, etc.) please let us know so we can arrange an exception.

Please note: Our families rely on each other’s participation for program funding and group availability. Please refrain from using the Refund Policy as a means to “tentatively” register your family. Thank you for your understanding.

Personal Information

Payment Information

By registering you agree to the following terms and conditions:

I hereby certify that I am the parent/legal guardian of the registered student(s), and I consent to their participation in Delectare discussion groups using the Zoom video-conference platform. I understand that no personal information will be gathered from/about my child other than what I directly provide to Delectare's participants, administration or volunteers. I also consent to that information being shared with Delectare's administration and staff as needed to accomplish their work. I also understand that my child may provide personal information in the course of class discussions/chats, as in a normal classroom, and hereby consent to such. I understand that classes are not recorded but chat transcripts are maintained by Delectare admin to ensure adherence to our Code of Conduct and overall child safety.

Your credit card will be charged $50